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Delphine Revillon co-founded her champagne house in 2015. Since then she became one of the most sought after french female champagne makers in Asia, Europe and beyond.  Revillon's champagnes are no less than excellent. Their wins of prestigious global awards like Gold Medal at Feminalise 2022, Silver Medals at the Brussel Worldwide Competition 2021, one star on the Hachette Wine Guild 2022 speak by themselves. Revillon's disruptive feminine vision of the field makes her productions special and highly appreciated. Revillon's champagnes are more and more loved by global premium places. If you visit Marriot Hotel Champs Elysees, Paris, France, you will find a Revillon champagne bottle in every room.

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Effervescence des Marques (Effervescence of the Brands) is founded by Delphine Revillon and Nicolas Loonis. We elaborate unique champagnes for your brand. You can be a restaurant, a group of restaurants, a celebrity or a brand, you can have your own champagne and get your brand affinity to the roof. People can taste your brand, people can celebrate and emotionally connect while still being in the ecosystem of your brand. Our certified champagnes are made in France, in the Champagne region. Our Master of Cellar and partner Olivier Dailly contributed for 17 years to the history of legendary champagne houses like Jacquart and Castelnau.

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