Delphine Revillon champagnes are delicious. They elegantly pass the test of time.

Extra small bubbles, first press for purity, low sugar for the subtlety and the finesse of the aromas. 

Long term commitment ready. 

Revillon's 4 cuvees respond to the needs of this new feminine era, where women own it and want to celebrate their way. 

Our bottles are dressed with leavers lace, a chic touch inspired by bridal goons, lingerie and high fashion. This piece is handmade in France by the people who work for Alexander Mc Queen, Sonia Rykiel, Victoria Beckham, Michele Obama and more.

You are not getting unnoticed with a table offering a Delphine Revillon bottle. The amazing journey suggested by the boldly feminine yet stylish retro look is there. Delivered. 

Cuvees ready to be shipped immediately: 

Blanc de blancs millesime 2008 (aged 14 years)

Blanc de blancs millesime 2013 - Gold Medal at Feminalise 2022

Extra Brut Rosé - Silver Medal at Brussels Int. Contest 2021 - Hachette one star distinction 2022

Brut Secret (aged 7 years)Silver Medal at Brussels Int. Contest 2021 -  Hachette one star distinction 2022

Do you want the Delphine Revillon experience for your clients or to create a Delphine Revillon cuvee to the name of your brand? Please contact us.

Fine bubbles. First Press. Low Sugar. Ages well.
Delphine Revillon Blanc de blancs 2013